Atkins Diet – Phase 1

Phase one of the Atkins diet is crucial to success and lasts for an initial period of two weeks, but can be stretched up to 28 days. It is critical that those following the diet follow the rules for the first two weeks as it serves as a foundation for the rest of the plan and can guarantee success in future phases. During phase one, key issues like acceptable food and beverages, banned food, and rules to follow are introduced.

The basic rules include keeping the daily carbohydrate intake down to at least 20 grams or less. Failure to do so will require dieters to increase the beginning phase up to six weeks. It’s important to choose Atkins diet food list, dieters in phase one also need to eat at least three main meals each day or four to five small meals. Potatoes, pasta, fruits, bread, dairy products, sugar, and starch-filled veggies and foods are absolutely prohibited during this time. In addition, there is to be no tea, coffee, soft drinks, or alcohol during this time, only water.

During phase one, dieters are encouraged to take control of their hunger and the amount of food they eat. When hungry, Atkins followers will eat what is listed on the acceptable foods list. In addition, stage one dieters avoid diet products, gum, or other products that pass for food. During this time, artificial sweeteners are introduced as well as daily vitamins.

After completing the 14 day induction or phase one, an Atkins dieter is ready to move no to the other stages. It is only advisable to move on once the induction has been completed successfully. After this phase, dieters will notice a significant change and will be ready for future success on the Atkins Diet.

Easy tips to lose weight fast and never get it back

If you are trying to shed a few pounds once and for good, here are a couple of easy tips on how to lose weight and keep it off.

The first tip is  remove all sugar products from your diet. Sugar is really high in calories, it has no beneficial value whatsoever  and there’s no point in using it.  Remove not only the spoonfuls of sugar that you are adding to your coffee, also check all packaging for the presence of refined sugar.  It can be well hidden.

The second easy tip to lose weight is to get rid of all those high-fat, high calorie, low nutritional value junk food items from your kitchen. These are only going to lessen your chances of doing well in your diet program. Add these couple of easy tips to your diet program and they should help you to lose weight.

The fastest way to lose weight is the healthy way.  It’s much easier to put weight on than it is to take it off. Here are a couple of healthy weight loss tips which will help you to take off a few pounds.

First of all, weight loss should be healthy. The first tip is not to skip meals. This is especially true of breakfast. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It gives your body the kick start that could be, giving it the energy to function. You breakfast should be the most nutritious meal of the day.

Another healthy weight loss tip is to remove any saturated fat from your diet. This means switching to lean cuts of meat, such as trimmed steak, or choosing to consume more poultry and fish. The fish will give you additional benefits as well.

Can I really lose weight fast?

To lose weight fast is always going to mean drastic measures. These weight loss tips are only for people who have a small amount of weight to lose in a fairly short period of time. You first need to reduce your calorie intake by half.   That means getting rid of all the junk from the house- choosing to eat only vegetables and fruit, low-fat meats, poultry, and fish.   Also, eat only whole wheat rice, pasta, and bread.

Next you must exercise for at least one hour per day. During your exercise, you have to get your heart beating very fast for as long as possible. Don’t worry if you are a bit slow at first, you must gradually increase your stamina in order to achieve rapid weight loss.  Electric treadmills are great pieces of equipment to own so you don’t even have to leave your house to exercise.

Cat Flea Medicine And Alternatives

Do you find yourself itching madly in the middle of the night?

Does your cat appear tormented from some invisible evil on a regular basis?

Hey, I think I may have an idea of what’s going on here. You’ve got fleas!

Do you have any idea what this means? Well, if I were you I would just grab the cat, bolt outside and burn the house to the ground instantly. Those darn pesky fleas are a lot to grapple with, and thins is undoubtingly the fastest way to destroy them. Or, maybe not so much. ..

Drastic measures are certainly called for, but this one is probably a tad over the top. I just have some bad memories of fleas that get me riled up sometimes. Anyway, what you really need is cat flea medicine. There are a number of these now days that will get the job done right.

Are you searching for an effective cat flea medicine? One solution we used to resort to back in the day was having our feline dipped. Now, I’m not going to act like I knew what the heck they were dipping the poor cat in, but it seemed to work okay. I don’t think they resort to such measures anymore. Now days it’s more about simplicity.

If you truly want to obliterate that flea problem, you can purchase cat flea medicine shampoo. Scrub your feline really good with this flea-destroying soap and then immediately apply a cat flea medicine to the back of their neck. One of the better ones available is Advantage cat flea medicine. This topical goo is powerful stuff. You basically put it on the back of their neck because that is a spot they cannot reach. This way you can rest assured that they won’t be licking or rubbing it off right away. Advantage basically sits their and destroys any nearby fleas. Once the fleas can’t live on the cat and feed, they’re screwed.

An alternative method to cat flea medicine is having your house done. You can hire a professional to treat each room in your home with a commercial strength cat flea medicine. I was able to watch them perform this on my mother’s home in the past. The exterminator outlined each room with the poison. He said that is where the fleas always move to, the walls. To acquire further knowledge regarding cat flea medicine and other solutions, just get on the web.

Natural Balance Pet Food

- What’s The Deal?

Do you have cats or dogs scrambling around your home?

It’s true that house pets can be a oodles of fun and excitement.

I watch my seven year old daughter play with our three cats each and every day.

She loves those fur balls. However, pets can also equal a lot of personal care and expense.

If you’ve had one, then you know what the vet bills can add up to. Then there is the food supply. Yikes that cat chow can get expensive. Maybe it’s because I’m always buying litter at the same time. Regardless, the premium cat foods can cost you a pretty penny. Take natural balance pet food for example. It doesn’t come cheap. What are you feeding your pet these days?

Are you an avid user of natural balance pet food? I have tried this particular brand before. However, my cats all seem to prefer Nutra or Science diet. I think they get used to some brands. Getting a kittne started on natural balance pet food shouldn’t be a problem though.

The stinky part is that a medium bag of this stuff always costs me 20 bucks. That’s really not that cheap. Well, I guess if you were to compare it to our food, then maybe it is. On the other hand, if you compare it to other cat food brands like Meow Mix and all the other garbage ones, it does seem expensive. I call these inexpensive pet foods garbage based on what my vet told me. They lack the proper nutrients and health benefits for our pets to grow and live well. That’s no good. They will have a serious effect on your cat’s coat, as well as how they pass stool. This is not a good thing. It’s basically the equivalent to feeding your child MacDonald’s for the rest of his/her life. As you should already know, you definitely don’t want to do that. It’s all about staying healthy; even when it comes to our pets.

If you are interested in checking out natural balance pet food or one of the many other fine brands, simply head to the nearest PetCo or Pet’s Mart. Either one of these superstores offer a great variety of pet supplies, including natural balance pet food. One thing you should always keep in mind when you’re browsing for a new pet food is that you get what you pay for. This is one of the simple realities of our world. Take good care of your pets.

Cats In Your Kitchen – Cat Cookie Jars

Somehow I never made a connection between felines and kitchens.

That is until my sister chose this unique theme for her cooking space.

She added great decorative details like a wallpaper border filled with images of kitties and items like cat cookie jars peppered throughout the space.

The area looks fantastic and I was really taken back by her excellent display of cat cookie jars. These items give the room character and charm but they are not overwhelming in the large area. The cat jars are placed strategically throughout the room but there are a few shelves dedicated to displaying them.

The cat cookie jars come in all different styles and colors but they work very well together in an eclectic fashion. Instead of filling the space with traditional kitchen elements, my sister decided to choose interesting collectables to give the room its personality.

When she first told me that she was using a feline theme for her kitchen I wasn’t really surprised. She loves her kittens and she fills her house with images of them. There are cat cookie jars, shower curtains, prints and even a throw for the couch with the little fuzzy creatures.

After seeing her arrangement I was very impressed with my sister’s artistic eye. She really pulled the look together in a warm and inviting way. The cat cookie jars were collected over a period of time and some of them were gifts. Each jar has its own story and my sister is happy to share them with her guests.

The collection of cat cookie jars makes for great conversation and the collection is quite valuable. Many of these items are antiques and some are very rare finds. Many of them are unique in that both the lids and the cookie jars are still in tact. This increases the value of rare, delicate merchandise.

No one has a kitchen like my sister. My daughter likes to call the space the “kitty kitchen” and she can’t wait to go visiting with her aunt to see if there are any cat cookie jars added to the collection. My daughter also likes to see if there are any treats inside the collection of cookie jars as well.

While I’m on the subject of treats, make sure that the cat cookie jars you reach into are filled with people food. Some owners like to keep kitty snacks in the cat cookie jars. This only makes sense.

Get A Cat Christmas Stocking

- Don’t Forget Your Cat This Christmas!

Any pet owner will tell you that an animal that is adopted becomes a real member of the family.

My family has adopted a full grown cat and he is a great addition to our clan.

The year we decided to show the kitty that he is an equal by getting him his very own cat Christmas stocking.

I went to a few stores to find just the right one. I wound up with two cat Christmas stockings instead. The first one I chose is just adorable. The top of the stocking is white and the foot is a beautiful shade of sparkling green. The cat Christmas stocking is personalized with Purr’s name and there is even a little bell to entertain the kitty as well.

I really liked this cat Christmas stocking because of its size. It is 18 inches long and 8 inches wide so I can fit plenty of treats for our beloved animal in it. I chose everything from play mice to edible treats in the cat Christmas stocking. I just can’t wait to give it to him on the morning of the holiday.

The second item I purchase I bought more for myself than our feline friend. I just couldn’t pass this one up. The cat Christmas stocking featured a “good cat” and a “bad cat” on each side. This adorable item is just too cute even though it is too small to hold all of the holiday treats I bought for my pet.

I decided to buy the cat Christmas stocking anyway as a conversation piece. The detail and cut cat character are enough to keep us talking and the concept is really funny. It’s too bad that it is just so small. It also doesn’t have a bell and my cat loves his bell.

The good cat on the front of the stocking for pets is sitting perfectly pretty. Her expression is one of sheer pride and satisfaction. She is wearing a Santa hat and she is the epitome of holiday spirit.

The kitty on the back of the cat Christmas stocking is another story. She is facing the other direction so you only see her back. Her claws are dug into the wall and there are huge gashes streaking down where they had done their damage. Her fur is sticking up in the air and you can almost hear her angry mew.

I just loved the images so much that I bought this one, too. I think that it makes a nice, humorous addition to our holiday decorations. Maybe we will adopt a kitten. The cat Christmas stocking may be put to use.

American Bobtail Cats

American Bobtail cats are a great choice for families as they are very outgoing by nature. They are friendly, albeit slightly noisy, and mischievous. If you do decide on them as a family pet, make sure they are socialized from when they are kittens. And, of course, make sure small children are taught how to interact with cats so they are gentle and respectful.

Having said that, the American Bobtail is extremely tolerant of the way children like to cart around a beautiful cat. They love playing games, can be taught how to fetch, and walk on a leash, and can be quite insistent when they want to play!

Because they are such a friendly breed, American Bobtails suit having another cat around to play with. They can play up a bit if they are left alone for too long, out of boredom. It’s a good idea to leave a lot of toys, and perhaps a large cat house, if you’re going to be away from home for long periods of time. But nothing beats a play mate, especially if they are both bought as kittens together.

American Bobtail cats are adaptive to whatever type of household environment they find themselves in, however. They are very loyal and committed to their owners.

These cats are extremely intelligent, and I’ve noticed with some of my cats (not Bobtails though), the intelligent ones can be particularly naughty when they are bored. But their intelligence is also what is so appealing, and something to marvel at. Interestingly, American Bobtails have been used by therapists in treatment programs because they are so aware of the distress of those in them, and extremely well-behaved. So, Bobtails are not always mischievous!

American Bobtail cats are so named because they have a very short tail. They are believed to have descended from a mix of American Bobcat, Japanese Bobtail, and Manx. Manx are the cats that have no tail whatsoever, which can lead to health problems for them. The shorter tail on this Bobcat is natural however.

The American Bobtail cat’s tail should not be longer than the its’ hocks, but it must have a tail, according to the Cat Fancier’s Association. The Bobtails were recognized as a breed in February 2000, though they were in a Provisional Class for quite a while before that. (Cats are put in the Provisional Class whilst it is discovered whether they can hold their characteristics or not). They are a young breed, having been around only since the 1960′s.

American Bobtail cats are quite wild looking, with big paws, and a broad head. They are muscular and athletic. They’ve been described as stocky, and whilst they have short legs (especially compared to a lanky Oriental), their torso doesn’t look overly heavy, especially in the shorter hair varieties.

Their coat is water-resistant, and can be short or medium length. Whether your Bobcat has a short or medium coat, it must be brushed at least once a week. Brushing cats from when they are kittens will get them used to it, and they’ll enjoy the attention!

The coat is not smooth like many breeds, and these irregularities contribute to their untamed appearance. Color-wise, they can be anything from blue, red or brown tabby, to fawn and white, though other color combinations are possible. You can see some pictures of American Bobtail cats here.

Despite starting out as being a bit problematic with regards health, the breeders dedicated to them worked hard to make them the strong and sturdy cat they are today. They now have a clean bill of health, and are not particularly prone to anything.

There is a Breeders Club devoted to the American Bobtail, so if you’d like one of these lovely pets, have a look in their directory.

Ragdoll Cats Information

Ragdoll cats are very placid and go limp when you carry them, hence the name.

They are not biologicaly any different than other cats though.

They generally look similar to Birman’s, with white mittens and boots.

However Ragdolls have a heavier body, broader head and thicker fur, which is quite luxurious and non-matting.

Ragdoll cats have a quite voice. They are gentle and affectionate, playful and intelligent. They do suit life in an apartment, particularly given their lack of a sense of danger.

Ragdolls don’t seem to feel pain. This makes them very vulnerable – to traffic (they have no sense of the danger it poses to them), to children that may be a bit rough or otherwise harm them, and other animals (they are an easy prey). Also, if they are sick or injured, they have to be carefully watched as by not feeling pain, they could injure themselves further. Plus they may not so readily indicate if they are injured. So if you want, and are prepared to ‘mother’ a cat, this could be the breed for you.

Color develops quite late compared to most breeds – kittens are borm white and the color doesn’t appear until they’re about a year and a half. Sometimes their coats take up to 3 years to develop fully.

The coats of ragdoll cats have three patterns – colorpoint, mitted, and bicolor. They come in seal, chocolate, blue and lilac points within those patterns.

Russian Blue Cats

Russian blue cats seem to adapt to apartment life well, and generally prefer an indoor life.

This, combined with their love for company, their gentleness, and their loving nature makes them great companions for the elderly.

Russian blues are classified as an Oriental type – they are lithe and graceful. They have a shorter nose than the siamese, and they have medium to strong bone structure. The eyes are set further apart and should be vivid green when adult. The skin on the ears is particularly thin.

There is some Siamese in the genetic stock of many russian blue cats but they were originally named Foreign Blue.

The adult coat should be a clear blue color, with a silvery sheen, and any tabby markings should dissappear by the time they grow older. There should be no shading. The fur is short, thick and very fine. It is tipped with silver, which gives it its sheen. The shortness of the coat makes it easy to groom, which is ideal if you don’t have enough spare time as it is!

Russian blue kittens have a fluffy coat. Because of their quiet voices, if the cat gets locked away somewhere and you don’t know where it is, it could be a problem. Its also sometimes difficult to tell when a female is on heat, because their call is so quiet.

Persian Kittens and Cats

Persian kittens and cats are beautiful, elegant and sweet creatures, but they are not suited to busy people who don’t have the time or the inclination to look after their coat daily.

They moult a lot, in summer especially, and if they were not brushed regularly, would consume too much of their own fur.

This could lead to an operation to remove the furballs if it got particularly bad and caused a blockage.

Persian kittens and cats are quiet and fairly docile, and do not like to be teased. They are not as agile as many other cats, as their legs are quite short. For this reason they are more suited to apartment life, and should be kept away from traffic or any dangers that require a fast exit (like neighbourhood dogs).

Persian kittens and cats come in a wide variety of colours:

  • white persian cats and kittens: three types -
    Blue eyed white, Orange eyed white, and Odd eyed White (one eye blue and the other orange). These cats are prone to be born deaf. It seems to be associated with the combination of white and blue eyed. Even the odd eyed cats are sometimes deaf on the blue eyed side. Sometimes kittens have a few black hairs on top of their heads, which disappears when the kitten grows. This is actually a good sign – it means they will at least have normal hearing in one ear.

  • black persian cats and kittens -
    these solid coat Persians end up with copper or orange eyes in adulthood.

  • blue persian cats and kittens -
    genetically, blue type cats are a “black” variation, probably the result of crossing with a white cat. Eyes are copper or orange.

  • red persian cats and kittens -
    Actually they’re coloured orange, and usually have some tabby markings, although they are supposed to be solid in colour. Sometimes the tabby markings disappear when they grow, sometimes not. Their eyes are copper.

  • cream persian cats and kittens -
    They are genetically a “red” variation. Born with faint tabby markings, these usually disappear.

  • bicolour persian cats and kittens -
    Black and white, blue and white, cream and white, or red and white. Good quality bicolours are symmetrical in colour, although this is not easy to achieve. Eyes are copper and orange.

  • Chinchilla and shell cameo persian cats and kittens -
    The coats on these cats are described as “tipped” ie the undercoat is one colour, and the tips of some of the guard hairs are a different colour. The tipping can be light (Chinchillas and shell cameos), medium or heavy (the smokes).

  • shaded persian cats and kittens -
    These are similar to Chinchillas and shell cameos, but the amount of tipping on the hair is greater. Undercoat is usually white.

  • smoke persian cats and kittens -
    At least half of the hair length is tipped. This type of coat needs extra grooming to look its best.

  • tortoiseshell persian cats and kittens -
    More difficult to breed and hence not as common. There are generally only females in this breed of Persians. Males, when they occur, are often sterile.

  • blue cream persian kittens and cats -
    Another breed with only females, its genes are a relative of the tortoiseshell.

  • tortoiseshell and white persian kittens and cats (the calico cat) -
    Female only, with patches of black, red, cream and white. The coat is less likey to matt, but it still needs to be brushed every day.

  • chocolate tortoiseshell and lilac cream persian kittens and cats -
    These are developed from outcrosssing with himalayans.

  • tabby persian kittens and cats -
    Healthier and more independant than other persians. Also docile. Quite striking looking.

  • van persian kittens and cats -
    white with patches of colour on its head, legs and tail.